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Ghost Investigators


How many requests were made to Council-run historic public-access buildings (e. g. museums) in 2009 and 2010 and 2011, separately, requesting to bring a team of 'ghost investigators' into the building?

What proportion of social housing tenants are on the transfer list?

How many social housing tenant enquiries in 2009 and 2010 and 2011, separately, mentioned any of the following words: ghost, ghosts, haunted, spirit, haunting or poltergeist?

In each of the above cases:

- How long had the tenant been present at that property?

- Did the tenant move out of the house?

- Had the tenant requested a transfer at that time or previously?

- How long prior to the enquiry had the transfer request been made?

- If the tenant did move, had any similar enquiries been made by the subsequent tenant?

- Did the council call in any outside agencies or persons to assist?

- Did the tenant call in any outside agencies or persons to assist that the council knows of?

- Was there media coverage of the issue?


Following your Freedom of Information request of 24th January 2012, I can confirm that Housing Services have no record of any reported problems with hauntings or ghosts at any Brentwood Borough Council Social Housing property in the years 2009,2010 or 2011