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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 3021

Dog Attacks


1. How many wardens are employed by the council?

2. Are they full time, part time or sessional?

3. Is the dog warden service under consideration for cuts in the next

4. How many dog attacks have been reported to the Council in the last
12 months

5. How many dogs have been confiscated or destroyed in the last 12


1. We currently have one dog warden employed
2. The officer is employed full-time but has other duties in addition to his dog warden role so is not working full-time on dog control issues.
3. There are no cuts proposed to this service at present.
4. There have been 12 dog attacks reported to the Council in the last 12 months, mostly involving other animals
5. No dogs have been confiscated and none destroyed as a result of attacks as far as I am aware

I hope this is of assistance