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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 3019

Budget Cuts


Can you please supply the following information which is requested
under the FoI regulations.

1: what three sections or departments which will have the largest
budget cuts in 2012/2013 and what is the size of the cut and the new
budget value. If the information requested above is not available for
2012/13 then please supply the information for 2011/2012

2: What is the total cost including design, manufacture, installation,
maintenance, including all Borough resources that have worked on the
project for the clock that was installed in the high street recently
near Marks and Spencers.

3; Please supply a copy of the business case or justification for the
installation of the clock described in 3 above.


Thank you for your Freedom of Information Request received this morning.

I understand this is a duplicate request and the response to your first request was issued this morning.