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FOI 3012

Courage Playing Fields


I would like to know under the freedom of information act how much of the above land donated to the community by the courage family was allocated to Shenfield cricket club and whether this was within a set boundary. I would also like to know what that boundary comprises.


I have now received the original Deed of Gift for the land, dated 28th February 1950, and it would appear that a particular parcel of land was never allocated or set aside for use by the cricket club. I have copied the exact wording form the deed for your information below:

2) The Council for themselves and their successors in title HEREBY COVENANT with the Donors and the persons deriving Title under them (a) that the Council will forwith erect to the satisfaction of the Donors and that the Council and their successors in title will thereafter maintain for so long as the rights of water supply hereinbefore excepted and reserved shall subsist a substantial fence round the well or wells reservoir and windmill pump herein before referred to (b) that the Council and their successors in title will allow the Shenfield Cricket Club to have the use of the cricket ground situate upon the property hereby assured for so long as the said Club remains in existence and upon such reasonable terms as have been and as may from time to time be agreed between the Council and the said Shenfield Cricket Club and (c) that the Council will forever after keep the hedges along the sides of the property hereby assured where marked with a “T” on the said plan within the boundaries in good order and condition and properly trimmed and the ditches properly cleaned.

As you can see from the above the position with the cricket club does not mention a specific area nor does it highlight one on the plans for the Deed of Gift, I am therefore unable to directly answer your question but hope that the information I have supplied may be of some use regardless.