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FOI 3011

Owner of Property


I am looking to locate the owner of a property within Shenfield.

So I was:

a) trying to find out if it is dormant (i.e. is council tax being
received on the property)

b) wondering if the registered keeper for the property lives at an
alternative address

c) wanting to know if there was an alternative method of communication
for me to contact the owner

d) wanting to know any other information that you think may be helpful
to me

My background:

I'm trying to buy a house in the area, and have seen one that looks unlived in. I would like to contact the owner in regards to this.

The house in question: 1 Friars Avenue, Shenfield, CM15 8HY

Would you be able to help me here? I've viewed the land registry prior to sending this email, and was advised to contact the local council in order to find out further information.


1 Friars Avenue, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8HY

Your email enquiry of 23 January 2012, concerning the above property has been referred to me for a reply. I therefore acknowledge this as a request for information held by this authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

I would advise that, under the terms of the Data Protection Act, and for general confidentiality, the Council cannot pass on the details of ownership of domestic properties, or confirm whether Council Tax is being paid. However, if you wish to send a letter addressed to ‘The Owner’ in a stamped envelope, I will be more than happy to forward this to the relevant person. Please attach a covering note for my attention.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Land Registry, although a charge may be made for this.