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Garden Waste Collection Service


I'm a marketing student of The City College. I'm doing a research project of  what are the developments of marketing Plan or strategy and innovation or Product development activities need for environmental friendly product as BIOSACK (Biodegradable sacks). I found the Brent council providing bio sacks as free of charge for their customers so in relation to my topic could you please answer this questions?
Who is your dominant supplier for Bio sack?
Turnover per a day, week, month & year?
What is the main barriers to marketing the Bio sack product?
 How do you overcome from the marketing barriers?
What is your strategy?
Are the biodegradable is the best solution to avoid using plastic bags?
Environment benefit of using biodegradable sacks?
What is your marketing plan of biodegradable sack product?
What are your Goal, Mission, and Vision?
What are degradable bag made of? What is your recommendation for new product development of Biodegradable products?
What is your product innovation?


Just to give you some background information on Brentwood Borough Council’s garden waste collection service. We operate a borough wide fortnightly green waste collection and residents are provided with two complimentary rolls of biodegradable sacks which are available from March as an incentive for residents to use the service. We deliver these biodegradable sacks to 28,100 street level properties within the Borough. However, once these sacks have been used, residents would then have to purchase extra sacks from local retailers who the council supply. The green waste once collected is then sent to be composted at Countrystyle Ltd in Ongar and Veolia in Pitsea. The service is not statutory and the current retail prices for the biodegradable sacks are £2.20 per roll of 10 sacks.

The compost process requires the use of biodegradable sacks and they are certified to EN13432 and the compost is made into soil improver within 12 weeks. Therefore no plastic bags can be used in the process. (Our operatives collecting waste would not collect any garden waste presented in plastic bags – we only accept the biodegradable sacks). Our supplier is Bio Bag

In respect of the questions below I would advise that you would need to contact the manufacturer direct for a more technical spec on their product(s) and their marketing strategy and product development.