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Despite my most recent clarification I have clearly not been at all clear in my request. For this I apologize, and hope that this, my third and final e-mail and second clarification will make everything completely clear.

Please observe the template below if you don't understand my request, and find attached an Excel and Word template which your council can populate should you wish to do so.

For the years 2007-2011 (each as a separate year)

* Total council headcount per year split by pay band (see Figure A for the monetary equivalents of NJC pay scales)
* The number of people who 'have left' (please see Figure B below for my definition of having “left”) split by pay band (see Figure A)
* For staff who don’t fall under the NJC payscale please can you provide the number of employees who leave in total and at the relevant payscales.
* The year referred to is calendar and not fiscal – if you only record fiscal please provide this and state as such.

Figure A - Pay scales

a. 4-17 (£12,145 - £17,160)
b. 18-33 (£17,161 - £28,635)
c. 34-49 (£28,636 - £42,604)
d. 50-65 (£42,605 - £58,475)
e. at Chief/Senior Officers pay scales (or equivalent) – i.e. Senior Management staff whose remuneration exceeds the Local Government salary scales.

Figure B – What does “left” mean?

- Voluntary leavers
- Redundancies
- Retirements
- End of fixed term contracts
- TUPE transfers
- Ill health
- Dismissals

* This should not be a 'net figure' including new employees who have arrived as replacements, it is simply a figure of those who have left the employment of the council during the year

Please consider this the final clarification and to supersede and replace by previous requests.


Further to my email yesterday, please find attached the complete information you requested in your Freedom of Information request dated 11.1.12.