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FOI 2985

Disabled parking bays


I'm writing on behalf of the charity Disabled Motoring UK to ask that you supply me with information on parking places in your town/city.

Disabled Motoring UK is a charity that campaigns on behalf of disabled motorists and one of our most successful campaigns has been highlighting the abuse of the Blue Badge scheme.  However, we are not just a campaigning organisation.  We try wherever possible to make life easier for disabled people, and to celebrate examples of best practice within organisations and local authorities.  This is where I would welcome your assistance.

We are proposing to launch an 'App' for mobile phones which will tell disabled motorists where the nearest disabled parking space is.  To enable this work to start we need to know where the disabled bays are in your town/city, both on the street and in your council run car parks.  If you have any information on other disabled bays in private run car parks this information would be gratefully received as well.  What we need to know is the address and postcode of the space and car park, and we'll do the rest.

In the present economic climate, I'm sure that you'll agree with us that there is great economic benefit in improving accessibility and encouraging disabled motorists to visit town centres for business or leisure, and we hope that your Council will be included in the coverage provided by this innovative new 'App'.

Unfortunately previous experience has shown us that not all Councils reply to our requests so to help ensure we do get a reply I am asking for this information under the FOI Act.


In response to your FOI request for information on Disabled parking bays in Brentwood Borough, I would advise as follows:

In relation to the on street disabled bays you would need to contact ECC as the Highways Authority who will hold that information, unfortunately since the transfer back to ECC of the on street element of parking services all records pertaining to on street provision of disabled bays have been relocated.

For the Borough Councils car parks I can provide the following information:

Chatham Way Car Park Brentwood = 3 disabled spaces (postcode unknown)

Coptfold Road Multi Storey Car park Brentwood = 23 disabled spaces plus a Shopmobility scheme. (Postcode unknown)

Friars Avenue Car Park Shenfield = 2 disabled bays (postcode unknown)

Hunter Avenue Car Park Shenfield = 2 disabled bays (postcode unknown)

Town Hall Ingrave Road Brentwood CM15 8AY = 3 disabled bays.

William Hunter Way Brentwood dedicated disabled car park only = 28 spaces. (Postcode Unknown)
Private car parks in Brentwood Borough:

Community Club Ingatestone = 2 disabled bays (postcode unknown)

Network Rail Shenfield = 3 disabled bays (postcode unknown)

Network Rail Ingatestone = 4 disabled bays (postcode unknown)

Network Rail West Horndon = 28 disabled bays (postcode unknown)