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FOI 2976

Land Use - Meat Processing


The Council\'s opinion in respect of which Land use Class meat processing falls to be considered within.
While I am seeking the Council's opinion in general terms, I would in addition also like to know the Council\'s opinion into which Land use Class the specific processes of 'boning' and 'cutting of carcasses' would fall to be considered.
Finally, I am seeking documentary evidence of the Council's approach to determining the Land Use Class of projects, specifically its approach to judging whether a particular proposal falls within Class B1 or B2


The Council would regard meat processing and boning and cutting of meat as both falling into Use Class B2 – General Industrial, of the Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended).

The determination as to whether a use falls within B1 or B2 is made by reference to the specific nature of the particular use in relation to the definition of B1 use and also to the Land Use Gazetteer.