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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 2947

Parish Burials


From August 2011 until present day how many public health funerals has your organisation  performed or will be performing

The names ( including maiden names), date of death, dates of birth and last known residence for the deceased 

Whether next of kin have been located 

Has the estate, if any, been passed or will in the future be passed onto the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Cornwall/Lanc aster or in Scotland the QLTR and when was it sent/will be sent 

The value of said estate if any
Many thanks for your assistance in this matter


Thank you for your freedom of information request pertaining to deaths that the council has sent or will be sending to the Treasury Solicitor, this has been passed to me for a reply as the responsible Officer for this service area .

I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council has had no involvement in any burials that required referral to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall or for Scotland the QLTR department since your last request.