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FOI 2940



Please could you tell me how many schools in your area have police officers regularly at the school's site? Please give the total number of schools which had a police presence every year for the last four academic years (i.e. 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11).

If possible, it would be useful also to have the names of the schools. However, if this is not possible that is fine.

NB: police presence at schools should be defined as any regular assistance given by police (including community support officers etc.) for dealing with pupils, e.g. in the playground or to assist with pupils leaving the school at the end of the day. It should not include incidents where police were called to the school as a one-off, but only where there is regular agreement between the school and the police. Purposes of police presence could be, but are not limited to, controlling pupils’ behaviour, ensuring that pupils are not carrying drugs or knives, preventing bullying, helping to get large numbers of pupils on to buses at the end of the day, etc.


I can advise you that Essex County Council is responsible for Education Services and therefore we cannot answer your questions.