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FOI 2921

Statutory Duties


Please provide to me, a complete list of activities which are required of Brentwood BC by both statute or common law.  I shall, for ease of communication, refer to these as 'statutory duties'.

Where such statutory duties have been transferred to other authorities, or other bodies or persons, I request that these duties are included within the list together with a note as to whom has the statutory duty to comply with the duty placed on Brentwood BC by statute or common law.


Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request concerning Brentwood Borough Council Statutory Duties.

The Council does not hold a definitive list of Statutory Duties; however in May 2011 the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) undertook a consultation exercise to establish a list of statutory duties placed on local government. I have enclosed a copy of the press release for your information.

Using the list developed by DCLG, I have enclosed a list of specific local authority duties which shows those functions that we undertake. The list is not exclusive as it does not include broad legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act.

The list was compiled in June 2011 before the Localism Act and therefore contains no other acts passed since June 2011. There may also be additional statutory regulations which we also carry out.