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FOI 2906

Enforcement Officers for Touting


Can you please confirm how many Enforcement Officers does the Council employ for Taxi Touting. Could you please provide these figures for the last five years on an yearly basics.

Could you also please provide the number of Taxi Drivers and Private Hire Drivers licences that have been issued by the Council over the last five years. Could you please break these figures down on a yearly basics.


I will respond to your questions as you have put them.

1) The Council does not employ any enforcement officers specifically for taxi touting.
2) The number of hackney carriage and private hire drivers issued by the Council over the last 5 years is shown below.

Jan – Dec 2007 328

Jan – Dec 2008 372

Jan – Dec 2009 362

Jan – Dec 2010 377

Jan – Dec 2011 358