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Pursuant to Standing Order No. 9.4, as a member of the public, I would like to ask a question at the Ordinary Council meeting on Wednesday 14th March 2011.

My question is:

Will the majority of councillors at the Ordinary Council meeting on Wednesday 14th March 2012 agrees that, to ensure a spirit of openness, Brentwood residents are given access to the finding of the comprehensive review by Lambert Smith Hampton Property Solutions of Council owned assets across the Borough.

Will residents be encouraged to access a website, dedicated to listing these assets, then renovation of any of these, possible costs and those that are to be sold.


Request for Information (FOI) and request to ask a question at Full Council
I am writing to you in connection with your letter dated 20th December 2011 concerning your wish to ask a question at the Full Council meeting on 14th March 2012 and your seeking information.
May I firstly confirm that your request to ask a question has been passed to the relevant Committee Assistant who has placed your question on the draft sheet for that Committee and you will be able to ask that question on the night of the meeting.
With regard to the information you sought I would confirm that the Council has accepted this as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act and as such I can confirm that the Council does hold that information.
I am attaching separately a copy of the report on this consisting of two documents and I trust that this information is helpful.
Concerning the other part of your question I can confirm that no website as you have described exists and setting this up will be difficult in the short term as the first priority is ensuring we have an accurate asset register.
Once this is done the Council may be able to consider making this available on the web.
A lot of work is being done currently around assets and these will become even more visible through the new Asset and Localism Panel.
I trust that this information is satisfactory and that you are happy with the way your request for information has been handled.