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FOI 2889

BB/Hotel accommodation


1.  Could you let me know how much the council has spent on accommodating statutory homeless people in B&B and hotel accommodation in (i) 2010 and (ii) 2011?

2.  Has the council had to resort to using hotels to accommodate the statutory homeless in 2010 or 2011?  If so, could you let me know.

a) which hotels you have used.

b) how many statutory homelss have been accommodated in hotels in (i) 2010 and (ii) 2011?  Please clarify if you are referring to households or people.

3.  What is the most the council has had to pay per night for B&B or hotel accommodation in this regard in 2010 or 2011?


Please find below response to your Freedom of Information request.

Cost of accommodating Statutory Homeless Households in B&B/Hotel accommodation;

April 2010 – March 2011 £5060.00

April 2011 – Dec 2011 £1323.00

Has the Council used B&B/Hotel to accommodate Statutory Homeless Households in 2010/2011 - Yes

a) Which Hotels have been used – Thatched House Hotel, Epping

b) How many Statutory Households accommodated in;

(i) 2010 – 5

(ii) 2011 – 2

Maximum cost of B&B/Hotel paid per night in 2010 or 2011

£90.00 per night