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FOI 2869



The current number of travellers and how many sites they occupy in Navestock


Re: Travellers pitches in Navestock

With regard to your letter dated November 30th 2011 I can confirm the following with regard to the Freedom of Information Act requests made.

There are currently 6 sites identified within the Navestock Parish Council area, (5 of which are authorised) which are currently occupied by travellers giving a total of 15 mobile homes and 14 touring caravans. This information is taken from the data provided by Brentwood Borough Council following the Gypsy Count in July 2011 (the next count is due to take place on 19th January 2012).

The information collated in the Count does not currently require information on the actual number of travellers occupying the sites and therefore the Council does not have detailed data on the number of people occupying the sites.

With regard to the final paragraph of the letter I will forward this to our planning colleagues for a formal response, however as you are aware the Council has a duty to consider applications for traveller sites and to make appropriate provision for travellers where this is in accordance with planning legislation, local planning policies and the amenity of existing residents in the settled community within the Borough