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FOI 2852

Planning Meeting


I would like to request under the freedom of information act, a copy of the tape of the planning meeting which took place on 6th December at 7pm 2011.

I have been advised by my Councillor this is my entitlement under the Act.  I need this to pass to my solicitor.  I would be grateful for your assistance.


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information Act request concerning the webcast of the Planning Development Control and Licensing Committee held on 6.12.2011.

Standings Orders for the Regulation of the Proceedings and Business of the Council state that, “Certain meetings of the Council are recorded and broadcast on the internet as live “webcasts”. These recordings are archived and capable of being viewed for a period of 6 months. These webcasts and archive recordings are purely to assist residents in engaging with the democratic processes of the Council and have no other purpose whatsoever”

That provision is specifically in place to provide clarity and ensures that the Council retains control over this media and shows the intention and reasons for making “webcasts” available. The Council will regrettably not therefore be able to comply with your request to provide you with a disc which would form a permanent record of the proceedings at the Committee meeting held on 6.12.2011 as the Council would have no control over the “webcast” and therefore would not be able to abide by the policy of disposing of such “webcasts” after 6 months.

The webcast of the meeting you require will be available to view on the Councils website for a period of 6 months after the meeting has been held. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact my office who will arrange a viewing of the webcast for you.