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FOI 15083

Vehicle Fleet and Maintenance


I am the Managing Director of an Automotive Recruitment Company , the reason for my email is I would like to find out the following information from you .

1) Do you have an in House Fleet of Vehicles , ie Cars,Vans,Parks Equipment,HGV Lorries etc

2) Where are these Vehicles Serviced/Repaired , ie do you have your own Vehicle Workshops or is the work sent out to a Private company .

3) Do your Vehicle Workshops use Agency Staff (if you have own Workshop)

4) if you have your own Vehicle Workshops do you have a contact name and number please or email address of the person in charge of the Fleet or Vehicle Workshops

5) if the work is sent out do you have the name of the Company please


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request with regards to Council Vehicle Fleet and Maintenance. I can confirm that the Deputy Operations Manager in charge of fleet care has advised the following in relation to your questions posed;

1) Yes Brentwood Council has an in house fleet.
2) Vehicles are serviced and repaired at the Council Depot in the workshops.
3) No, there are no agency staff working in our workshop, only Brentwood Council employees.
4) The manager in charge of fleet care and the workshops is Dean Carroll, 01277 312783,
5) Not applicable as works not sent out.