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FOI 14935

Stray Dogs


Can you please answer the following questions for the last 3 completed financial years and figures for the year 2017/2018 to date:

How much were you charged for the kennelling of stray dogs per day for each of the financial years?

How much was your total spend on kennelling for stray dogs per year for the above years?

How many dogs have you kennelled in each year as a stray for these periods?

Do you pay a retention fee for your stray dog provision, irrespective of how many dogs are seized and if so what is that fee?

Can you also please provide the following:

The name and address of the kennels that you use to retain your stray dogs?

What do you do with the dogs that are not claimed? For example pass onto a local charity, put to sleep, pass onto the kennels to rehome.

Do you receive a notification from the kennel on how many dogs are re-

homed / put to sleep? If so please provide this information.


Please see attached document.