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FOI 14902

Tree Documentation


Will you please send copies of the documentation considering the current proposals to manage the Lombard Poplar Tree, which is situated on the grass verge near to my house, on Hawthorn Avenue. I am an interested party in this process and wish to review the documentation.


Following on from your FOI request below the Councils Arboriculturist has advised that there is currently no proposal for works to the below mentioned tree. The Arboriculturist has whilst discussing other works in the vicinity spoken to contractors (in order to use time efficient resources), and has asked for prices for the below:

• fell the tree and remove and/or
• heavily crown reduce the tree

No quotes have yet been received back at point of writing, therefore there is no documentation to attach to this request; and suggest that you liaise with the Council’s Arboriculturist for an update on this on