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Council Grants


1. In the most recent financial year (2017-17) how much money was paid in grants and funding to local businesses/start-ups, religious groups/establishments, and charities by your council?
This does not include loans.

For example, payments made to support a new business that could benefit the local economy, enable a charity to carry out worthy project, money to enable a local church to offer support
to homeless people, etc.

2. Please break down by the name of the charity/business, the amount of money they received, and a brief outline of the services or projects they offer/planned to offer.

Please send this information by email, to this email address.


Thank you for your e-mail of 1 November 2017 where you requested information about Council grants and funding to local businesses/start-ups, religious groups/establishments and charities by Brentwood Borough Council.
We have now completed searching for the information you requested.
The information you requested on grant funding is available on the Council’s website via the Open Data link ( The current allocation of funding in 2017/18 financial year is yet to be agreed by the Council’s Community, Health and Housing Committee on 4 December 2017.