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FOI 14824

Planning Application


As I have not received any information on my outstanding questions from the many departments concerned, I am now requesting under the freedom of information act, for public transparency for the requested documentation for the following to be provided to me:

The notes for the arborculturalist’s report for the removal of the hedge row along Pilgrims Lane and where the phrase of “Hedge of no significance” came from? The
documentation that should have been issued by the Arborculturalist for the removal of this hedgerow.The documentation for each lorry load of spoil that was deposited on site at Oakwood Nursery during the year of 2008.The documentation that shows that the sceptic tank was emptied by Wiggins Development and under plot 4, prior to being covered over with excess clay soil from the development.The proof from Wiggins Developments that they have access to Oakwood Nursery as per planning informative(s).The notes taken at the planning meeting at my home for the formal complaint part 1  I look forward to receiving this information forthwith.


Please see response from our Arboriculturalist:

I have had a look on site and seen that the development is underway and that some hedging has been cut back. I have tried to find the reference to “the arboriculturalist’s report for the removal of the hedge row along Pilgrims Lane and … the phrase of “Hedge of no significance”” – I have checked the application consultee responses for this application and the previous application 15/01263/FUL and cannot find this reference. The latest application had no arb comments received and for the previous application the only comment was stating that the tree survey was undertaken to the relevant British Standard.

The only arboriculturalist report relating to the case was employed by the developer although I cannot see any reference to the hedge in this – clearly the council would not have any of the consultant’s notes.