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FOI 14820

Modern Slavery


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During the period of 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017:

1. How many individuals who received a ‘positive reasonable grounds decision’ or a ‘positive conclusive decision’ from the National Referral Mechanism - or otherwise identified themselves as victims of modern slavery - and applied for homelessness assistance pursuant to section 183 Housing Act 1996 were unsuccessful in their application? If you do not have a policy to take modern slavery into consideration when assessing applications for homelessness assistance, please state so. ZERO

2. How many potential victims did you refer to the NRM who had no fixed abode, lived in temporary accommodation or otherwise identified themselves as homeless? ZERO

3. Please provide an annual breakdown of the funding (£) allocated to the council’s Supporting People Budget over the last three financial years?

2016/17 107,262.56
2015/16 179,935.89
2014/15 195,327.30