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FOI 14817



I would like to submit a freedom of information request, please find the information I require below along with some information relating to the subject of the information I am requesting.

I am interested to know what agreements the organisation has around
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance services, replaces the 1995 EU directive (Directive
95/46/EC) and was introduced in May 2016 with full enforcement due in May 2018.

If the organisation does have agreement in place, please can you provide me with the information below?

Supplier- name of the supplier

Contract Spend- The total annual spend of the agreement.

Contract Duration- please provide me with the number of years and any potential extensions on the agreement.

Contract Description- Brief description sentence of the service provided under the agreement.

Start Date- When the agreement went like please provide me with the month and year.

Expiry Date- When the agreement is likely to be expired. Month and year.

Review Date- When is it likely the contract will be reviewed? Month and year.

Contact details of the responsible for the contract(s) above. Name, Job Title, Contact Number and Email ID.

If the organisation does not yet have the GDPR agreement in place please can you provide me with the following information:

When does the organisation plan to have this agreement in place?
When do you plan to go out to market for GDPR
Who within the organisation will be responsible for this agreement?
Any other notes the organisation can provide in relation to the future procurement of compliance services.


Thanks for your FOI request. We can confirm that we have no agreements around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance services.