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FOI 14809



Can you please provide
A) proof of the letter sent via Royal Mail;
B) proof that your second letter was indeed hand delivered; and
C) details of the number of yellow notices issued in West Horndon - addresses are not required, just the number. (Please treat this as a request under the Freedom of Information Act if you believe you are not able to provide this information without such a request).

I would also be grateful if you would advise what actions you will be taking to prevent the problem recurring next year.


Many thanks for your email of 24th October & once again my apology for the inconvenience or misunderstanding this situation has caused.

Please find below the information requested under your FOI enquiry.

A) Please find attached confirmation from our external printers that a reminder Household Enquiry Form was sent to your property in September.
B) Your email suggests the second letter reminder Household enquiry Form was hand delivered. As indicated in our email of 23rd October, the initial Household Enquiry Form was hand delivered between the period 4th August – 21st August as confirmed by the canvasser for the area.
There were 713 initial forms hand delivered in August and 239 reminders sent by post during September within the West Horndon area.
C) The canvasser for the West Horndon area was required to provide assistance at 146 properties (properties that had not responded to the first or reminder Household Enquiry Form) and made personal contact with 63 properties. Where no contact and assistance was provided, information leaflets were left. As a result of various methods of assistance offered to non responding properties there are now only 48 properties requiring further assistance.

It is a legal requirement for the Electoral Registration Officer to conduct an annual canvass of households within the Borough to ascertain who lives at a property to ensure an accurate Register of Electors is published on 1st December each year. This process is conducted throughout the whole of the country and is not an exercise to Brentwood alone.
While we continue to look at ways of improving the process of confirming details via the use of free phone, internet, text, and personal assistance we are mindful of the procedures set out by the Electoral Commission and best practice on

I hope this email has provided the information you require and feel assured we provide a variety of assistance to all residents to ensure everyone who is eligible to be on the electoral register is offered the opportunity to do so.