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FOI 14792

Planning Applications


Please provide a list (in Excel format) of all planning applications submitted on or after 1st October
2013 where no decision was made within 26 weeks (unless a longer period has been agreed in
writing between the applicant and the local planning authority) and NO refund of fees has been
made to date. The information should be provided in the following format/columns.
Col 1: Planning Application Number
Col 2: Applicant Name
Col 3: Planning Application Date
Col 4: Planning Application Fee Paid / £
Col 5: Decision Due By Date
Col 6: Decision Date Actual
Col 7: Extension Agreed (if appropriate) - Yes or No?

Could you also inform me if your council publishes extension of time agreements on the planning portal.

I would also ask that you do not refuse my request under section 21 as some of the information I
have requested is not in the public domain i.e. fees paid, Extension Of Time agreements.


All documents relating to the application in question can be located on our website
Search under planning applications, you can also search under the address or date that the application was originally submitted, as well as entering dates that you require to view applications for example you can enter dates from 2000 to 2010, refused or permitted, then all of the application will be retrieved, giving you the relevant information that you have requested.