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FOI 14791

Response rate to emails or messages sent via webforms


I am generally not impressed by the response (lack of) that I get when sending information or making requests to the council.

I would like to ask:

What proportion of emailed requests to Brentwood Borough or County Councils received a response. If you have figures for any time period or sorted according to department, it would be appreciated.

What proportion of messages to either BCC or Brentwood Borough Council sent by web forms receive a response back to the sender? Same as above?

The reason I ask is that I frequently send messages regarding fly tipping, overgrown paths in town, noise complaints and I cannot remember the last time I received a response.


Thank you for your enquiry requesting information on responses sent to email and web enquiries.

I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council does not hold the information requested.

The Council receives a vast volume of contact and will respond where practicable, but does not have the capacity to send a response to every report if it isn’t deemed required. Our Operational Services (who tend to street cleansing, fly tips etc) will always attend and action the reported incident, but will generally only contact the customer if required. Their service standards for street cleansing can be found on our website. I’d like to take the opportunity to assure you that the Council very much values the reports sent in by members of the public, and acknowledges the assistance this provides us to keep our Borough clean and safe.