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FOI 14709

Temporary Accommodation


My questions relate the the Oasis Hotel, Hart Road, Harlow, CM17 0HL and the Stansted Skyline Hotel, Chelmsford Road Barnston, CM6 1LP (The Hotels). Where relevant, please give information for each of the Hotels separately, broken down by calendar year for each of the last five complete years and for the current year to date.

How many complaints has the council received regarding the hotels and their residents? This should include, but is not limited to, any reports of antisocial behaviour, buildings and licencing issues and complaints about conditions raised by people housed
there by the council.What were the nature of these complaints? Broad categories are acceptable, eg: x noise complaints, y antisocial behaviour etc.For how many people has the council used the Hotels for temporary accommodation?
How many people are currently housed by the council at the Hotels?What is the average length of stay at the Hotel for those housed there by the Council?How much has the Council paid the Hotel for accommodation?


Oasis Hotel
Yr persons Average time
13/14 5 22 days
14/15 29 42 days
15/16 14 36 days16/17 27 33 days
17/18 5 35 days

1 Homeless at Oasis currently

SkylineNothing prior to March 2017Yr
16/17 1 25 days
17/18 1 52 days

0 Homeless at Skyline currently

Room Costs
Various charges dependant on room type - £40:50 - £79
Single £40:50
Double/Twin £ 59
Family £69
Triple £79
No data is kept re: complaints