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FOI 14674

Overcharging water to Council Tenants


I recently came across a court case between Southwark council in London and one of its tenants which said that the council had been overcharging its tenants for the supply of water.
I read about the case in newspaper reports and understand that the tenants were paid millions of pounds in refunds.

I want to know whether my family and friends have been overcharged too and am asking you to give me information and copies of agreements so that I can investigate.

Please tell me if you have ever charged your housing tenants for supplying water to them. I understand that this is sometimes included in a rent payment and sometimes as a separate service charge, so please include both.If so, please tell me the date that you started doing it and the date that you stopped.Please send me a copy of the agreements between the council and the water companies that give you the ability to make those charges to tenants and show me how much the council has to pay back to the water companies.Please show me the minutes of any council meetings where you talked about water charges for your tenants so I can understand what made the council want to do it this way.


The Council does not charge for water supply to its Tenants. Residents are responsible for arranging their own water supply and setting up an account in their own right for their property.