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Greenacres Care Home


Please supply copies of all 'ASB Incident Report Forms' that have been created for the Greenacres Care Home which is located at 57 Copperfield Gardens, CM14 4UD.

I refer you to the councils Anti-social Behaviour Policy and Investigation Procedures which states that this information '...should only be disclosed to individuals with a legitimate
and reasonable right to that information.' and as I am the next door neighbour of Greenacres and am therefore subject to the anti-social behaviour being reported on I clearly have a 'legitimate and reasonable' right to that information.


I can confirm that we hold no completed ASB Incident Report Forms in relation to Greenacres care Home. However, we do hold your own online submitted ‘report it’ Anti-Social Behaviour Incident Form relating to this care home which you submitted on 12th June 2017. We are happy to provide you with a copy of your own submission if you do not still have a copy on your computer.