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Ownership and Use of Land


There is a piece of open parkland to the east of Cotswold Gardens and to the west of certain properties in Lodge Close. It also runs alongside my property in Little Russets. Please can you let me know:

Who owns the land
What is its designated use
Whether there are any restrictions on its use or access, legal or otherwise, including covenants, etc


Please see below the following information regarding your request:

This land is owned by BBC, there is a restriction on the land not to use the land other than as public open space as defined in the Open Spaces Act 1906. The land is maintained by BBC.
The land is also subject to rights of access and egress, rights of drainage, rights in respect of water, gas, electricity and other services. The land is also subject to rights of support, protection and where applicable overhang and protrusion, rights of access and entry for repair and maintenance.

The information that you have requested can be found on our website, All correspondence relating to planning applications will be placed on the planning application pages.