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FOI 14282

Burial of Thurrock residents in Brentwood Councilscemeteries


I am a consultant working for Thurrock Council and would be very pleased if you provide me with the answer to the following question as soon as possible:

In Brentwood Council’s cemeteries, how many coffin burials (i.e. not ashes) of residents of Thurrock took place during 2016?


Following your request below my colleague that deals with the admin for Cemeteries has advised that as far as we can ascertain from our cemeteries system we do not have a record of any Thurrock resident being interred in a Brentwood Cemetery during 2016. However, it may be the case that for some deceased we do not have an address noted or their address was listed as a Brentwood care home for example, even though they were a Thurrock resident.