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Non Traditional House Types


I’m currently in the process of compiling local authority information of addresses where non-traditional methods have been used.
Several mass building projects for local authority houses were constructed using prefabricated such as concrete or steel and often had trade names such as Reema, Wates, Cornish etc. These are both pre and post war. If you have any information of such dwellings in your local authority it would be of great use.
Can you also provide the type and count of each non traditional house in your council.


In response to your request relating to the use of non-traditional construction methods using pre-fabricated material for local authority houses, unfortunately Brentwood Borough Council’s monitoring does not readily cover the information contained in your request. As such specific house types/designs cannot be searched using the Councils planning application search tools, to identify any instance of non-traditionally constructed local authority housing would require time spent searching through every single local authority related application
Our apologies that we are unable to help.