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FOI 14218

Report on benefits of proactively monitored cameras for stakeholders


I am currently writing a report on the benefits and effectiveness of proactively monitored CCTV cameras versus reactive retrieval.

The overarching objective of this report is to demonstrate to local businesses, police forces and the other community stakeholders the added value of such a system, and why more funds should be directed towards its upkeep
in times of austerity

I understand that you may be very busy, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind quickly replying to this email with an approximate breakdown of how your CCTV control room is funded.

I do not need to know the actual financial value (which I understand might be sensitive information) – but a brief breakdown of the portioned approximations would be really helpful (e.g. x% from local businesses, x% from
the city council, x% from police contributions, x% from alternative initiatives such as a home call alarm system).

Once this information is accumulated with that of other CCTV control centres, it may be used to:

inform you of how your operating room’s funding breakdown compares to the national average
identity alternative potential/untapped income streams obtained by other control rooms

Any information you provide will be anonymised, and I will also be happy to circulate the final written report with you, your team and your council.


In our case it’s a rather short answer. We are 100% funded by Brentwood Borough Council.

Our control room has been operational since the 1990’s and has been financed internally to this date.