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FOI 14122



I would be grateful if you could supply, ideally in spreadsheet format if convenient, a list of all credit balances on NNDR accounts where the credit balance is on the current or closed account or
where the credit balance is on the account for a past year where the credit has not been brought forward.
If a credit balance has been Written On rather than refunded, I would also be grateful for details of those accounts.

If you are able to do this, I would like, for each Credit Balance or Write On:
1. The address of the hereditament

2. The Account Reference or Property Reference of the hereditament.

3. The name of the account holder

4. The value of the credit/overpayment.

5. The rate year(s) to which the credit/overpayment refers.

I would like this information to date back as far as your records allow. I realise that you may not be able to provide information naming individuals as opposed to corporate entities,
and I understand if the ratepayers name is not given in these cases.


Thank you for your request for information below, please find attached a spreadsheet with all the relevant information.