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Residents parking


> I have a quick question regarding the residents parking that is coming into force this month on Westwood Avenue (which I welcome).
> Under the freedom of information act, I'd like to know how many people voted for the restrictions to be in place between the hours of 8am and 6pm, versus the other times such as 10am to 11am?


Thank you for your enquiry and I apologise for the delay in responding. Brentwood Borough Council does not hold this data but as your request was straight forward and in an endeavour to assist I have contacted a colleague at SEPP who has responded to me as follows:-

“An application form with a petition was received by the South Essex Parking Partnership (SEPP) in January 2016. In February and March 2016 SEPP carried an informal consultation with all residents of Westwood Avenue, West Park Hill, West Way, Elm Way and Manor Way to seek their views on offering a resident permit scheme

Properties consulted – 169

Number of responses – 86 (51%)

In favour of permit scheme – 69 (84%)

Not in favour of permit scheme – 13 (16%)

In favour of Mon-Fri 8am-6pm – 43 (62%)

In favour of Mon-Fri 10-11am – 26 (38%)

As the informal consultation met the response rate of at least 50% a scheme was put forward for funding to the SEPP Joint Committee, which was approved. The majority of the responses opted for Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, as per Kavanaghs Road.

A proposed scheme was advertised in December 2016. All residents were written to at the end of November 2016 informing them that they needed to support or object to the scheme (please see attached letter). During the 21 days the proposal was advertised a total of 16 representations were received of which 9 were in support and 7 objected.

As objections were received the proposal was referred to the SEPP Joint Committee on 9th March 2017. Anyone who made a representation was invited to the meeting where they could speak to the committee. The Joint Committee considered all the representations as well as considering the results of the informal consultation. The Committee decided to proceed with the published proposal.”

I have also been copied into a letter that was sent to all residents including you that is attached.