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Grass Spend


I would like to ask a couple of questions regarding how Brentwood Borough Council manages its lawns.
How much money does Brentwood Borough Council spend on public grass maintenance each year?
Who is responsible for this spend? Please include their name, email address and telephone number.


In response to your questions I can advise the following:

1. I am unable to give you the exact monies spent on just grass cutting as this forms part of a larger budget that covers grounds maintenance in general including horticultural and sports pitch maintenance, however I am able to advise that the Council spent £629,000.00 on its Grounds Maintenance service last financial year.

2. The requirement for grass cutting falls under Street Scene Operational Services and I would be the responsible Officer for the provision of the service, my contact e-mail address is and the Council can be contacted via phone on 01277 312500.