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FOI 13950

Food seized or voluntarily surrendered


I am interested in any food that has been either formally seized by your authority or voluntarily surrendered by a food business within your area since Jan 2015. I would be grateful if you could supply me with the following information.

No of formal seizures of food (i.e. where a court formally condemned food)

No. of voluntary surrenders (where a food business agreed to voluntarily dispose of food)

No. of unsuccessful seizures (where the court refused to condemn)

For each seizure or surrender please provide the following:-

Description of what was seized/surrendered
Was it seized or voluntarily surrendered?

Reason for seizing/surrendering (If a food was certified as not produced, processed or distributed in accordance with the Hygiene Regulations please detail why it was certified and more detail than just unfit/unsafe)

Were the foods subject to any examination/analysis by a food examiner or public analyst?
If so please provide details and results
From whom were the goods seized?


Thank you for your FOI request below, we can confirm that we have not seized or surrendered any foods since January 2015.