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Brentwood Police Station


Was there a public consultation regarding the principle of selling off the Police Station, (before any talk of development)?

Isn't the council missing out some very important stages in the process of planning issue decision-making?

Has Brentwood Council paid regard to due process and public wishes? What are the rules and regulations on this?

Is Brentwood Police Station a listed building?
If not why not? How old is it?

Louise McKinlay slipped in the 'virtue signal' words re Brentwood's 'heritage' in the papers recently.

Isn't Brentwood Police Station as an example of period functional architecture a part of this heritage? She will be in effect bulldozing through a decision to bring in the bulldozers. Hardly a cautious consideration of Brentwood's shared

Can the public ask for this sale to be delayed while they are properly consulted as to what happens to our heritage - Brentwood Police Station. If so, please delay this decision until the public have been PROPERLY consulted - and no sneaking
in a public consultation over Christmas again please.

This is aside even from the issue of being consulted re the principle of a privatised police force which is where we are heading, now Brentwood Tories have one of their group as Essex PCC.


With regard to your email of 7th March 2017, I can comment as follows:

a) Public consultation regarding the principle of selling off the police station- This is a matter for the police and is not a material consideration in respect of the planning application. I have reviewed the agent’s design and access statement and it states a Para 5.9 that the site is becoming increasingly outdated and no longer fit for purpose to accommodate current needs. I would suggest contact the agent direct to see if any consultation was undertaken.
b) The stages in a planning application, have been followed. Once the application has been received the Council consult the neighbouring residents by means of a site notice and letters and send out consultations to statutory consultees. The application will eventually be decided by the planning committee.
c) As mentioned above. The application is determined in accordance with the current development plan and the National Planning Policy Framework
d) The building is not listed. The age is pre 1960’s and is not likely to be listed .the site is not in a conservation area. La Plata house at the rear has some architectural merit and the Council would look to try and retain this building in the redevelopment scheme.
e) The agent’s details for more information is Nathan Conway 0121 4835132