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FOI 13757

Request for Facilities Management Information


I have been wanting to send a freedom of information request relating to the Organisation’s existing contracts relating to facilities management.

A. Lift
Service and Maintenance

B. Air
Conditioning and Ventilation Servicing and Maintenance

C. Cleaning
and Janitorial

D. Mechanical
And Electrical Maintenance

E. Property
Maintenance And Day To Day Repairs

In regards to the types of contracts I have displayed above can you please send the Organisation’s primary contracts? Or can you please send me the
contract that are above £1000.
Also, so that I understand the information you have provided to me please state information if the Organisation doesn’t have any contract I have
stated within this request.

1. Contract
Type – Please use the list I have provided above
2. Existing
Supplier – Please state the supplier for each contract
3. Annual
Spend- Please can you provide me with the spend for each individual supplier
4. Contract
Duration- please note if there are any extensions period available and if so what?
5. Contract
6. Contract
7. Contract
8. Contract
Description- a small description of the type of services included within each contract.
9. Number
of sites covered for each contract e.g. the organisation may have a maintenance agreement with a supplier that covers several sites/buildings.
10. Can
you also send me the contact details of the person within the Organisation that is responsible for each one of these contract you have submitted.


In response to your FOI request, I can provide the following:

For all information relating to Brentwood Borough Council’s contracts, please visit our website at the following address:

The data can be downloaded and filtered to meet your requirements.