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FOI 13756

IT Documents


I would like to submit a freedom of information request for the following document relating to the following:
ICT Documents
ICT Strategy- I require the document that hold future plan and strategy of the organisation’s ICT department.
ICT Departmental Business Plan
ICT Technical Strategy.
ICT Structure
ICT Capital budgets and programmes
Can you please provide me with the latest document to date the organisation holds and please state this within the response. If no information is provided, I will contact the organisation back to verify that this is the latest version of
the document.
AN example of this would be an ICT strategy 2012-2017, in some cases, this is acceptable, but on the foot of the document, it states 2012. We require the latest documents; please communicate this to the information holders.
If the organisation doesn’t have a document that covers the current financial year, please provide me with information (month) on when this document will be published or updated. In the response please provide us with the previous document
along with publish month of the future document.
If you feel that your organisation or the department hold other documents that relate to my request or the document above please send them accordingly.
Some organisations within the region may title the document something else, which includes IM&T Strategy, IS Strategy, Technology Strategy and ICT Strategic Plan.
Lead member: Cabinet Member for ICT and Telecommunications come under. Please can you provide me with their
direct contact details including their Full Name, Actual Job Title, Contact Number and Direct Email Address?


all available document are published on our website