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FOI 13624

Garden Waste


See Q's below


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request regarding garden waste. Please find the responses to your questions detailed below:-

Does your council charge to collect garden waste? If the answer is no, you may disregard the remaining questions. Yes only bin hire
2. What is the charge – is it one-off or annual? Annual one off payment of £41.
3. How much money has been received for garden waste charges in each of the past three years – 2014, 2015 and 2016? N/A only charge for the bins
4. How many households are currently paying for garden waste collection? At time of responding we have 4,947 active contracts and have 5396 bins in use (some householders have two or more brown bins)
5. Do you also charge for supply of garden waste bins? If so, how much? The lease charge is included in the annual fee alongside the charges for the disposal and treatment we pay to ECC – please note we are not the disposal authority this is Essex County Council.
6. What is the total amount of money you have received for the supply of garden waste bins in each of the past three years – 2014, 2015 and 2016?
Financial years:
2013/14 £165,538
2014/15 £228,984
2015/16 £189,808

7. What is the overall annual cost to the council of garden waste collection, taking into account the income from households and the price of disposing of it and any money made from selling it i.e. overall £10billion surplus, 50p loss etc

2013/14 £61,1365 loss
2014/15 £784 Surplus
2015/16 £48,265 Surplus
2016/17 £26,206 Loss (based on current estimated outturn)

Therefore, the last four years it has cost the council £38,293.