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FOI 13600

Savannah Cats


See Q's below


1. Are any properties/owners within your council region licenced for dangerous wild animals relating to felines? – NO – We have never had an application for the above and should we receive one, we would seek professional advise on the questions below.
2. If so, does this licence extend to cover the home? –
3. If it does cover the home, what conditions must be met by the Licence-holder? –
4. What are the requirements for the licenced enclosure? –
5. Are your licence-holders required to be approved by DEFRA for transporting the cat to the vets under the “Approved-Carrying Agent Licence” which DEFRA issue to enable them to get their licence?
a. If not, why not? –
b. What conditions do you have for the veterinary care of F1 Savannah cats/ wild animals and how do you ensure that these are abided by? –
c. How do you monitor the method in which these cats are transported from the enclosure into the home? Are there basic requirements? –
6. I would like to know what the basic requirements are for a Dangerous Wild Animal licence is in your area and what conditions MUST be met?
7. Do the enclosures have to be sunken into the ground to prevent digging?
8. Do the enclosures have to be built from metal or wood?
9. Is there a minimum mesh gauge which you deem acceptable for keeping wild animals and their hybrid offspring and what kind of structure it is formed in?
a. Does this mesh have to be doubled i.e. both sides of the wood?
10. Do you deem a lock on a window and double doors entering the home a sufficient method of security of these animals in the home?
a. If not, why not and what would need to be done for the home to be deemed secure?
11. If the home is licenced for these animals – what has been done to be approved as a secure area for these cats in order for more people to gain the same licence approval.
12. If the home is licenced for these animals, at what point do these animals have to be transported to their enclosure to live out their lives or is there no upper age limit e.g. an F1 kitten that has been weaned then has to live within an enclosure or by the age of 6 months old.
13. What other requirements would you place on a feline DWA application for an F1 Savannah and/ or Serval?