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FOI 13354

Taxi Licensing


The National Association is once again updating our records; this survey is for the purpose of gathering your most up to date numbers of licences granted by your licensing
authority. The last information we had was from 2015; we are certain the numbers have changed.

May we ask that you advise us of the following:-

Total number of hackney carriage driver licences:

Total number of private hire driver licences:

Number of private hire operator licences:

Number of private hire vehicles on each operator fleet (if known):

Hackney carriage vehicle licences:

Private hire vehicle licences:

Do you have a vehicle age restriction/policy? Please give details


Total number of Hackney Carriage Driver Licences - DUAL licence for both 362
Total number of Private Hire Driver Licences - see above
Number of Private Hire operator licences - 22
Number of Private Hire Vehicles on each operator fleet (if known) - not known
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licences -253
Private Hire Vehicle Licences – 47
Do you have a vehicle age/restriction policy – No