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FOI 13341

Street Cleaning


I would like to request information your council has on indicators of street cleanliness for your local authority's streets (for example, NI195, BV199a and other indicators would all be acceptable/welcome) for 2014/15.

Specifically, I would like details of the measurement method you use for assessing street cleanliness (such as NI195, BV199a, or a brief description of the measure used) and the
scores for all components of the measure for the local authority as a whole. Please note, we do not need the scores for each of the streets. Rather, we want an aggregate statistic for the whole council area. For example, a common statistic would be 'theproportion of streets which are the responsibility of the council that meet a satisfactory level of street cleanliness'. I would then like an explanation of the standard and methodology of measurement used. Please feel free to make that description relative to the NI195 measurement methodology, since I understand this well.

If it is possible to provide the same assessment for 2009/10, I would welcome that. However, I would ask that you prioritise the 2014/15 data.


NI 195 was one of the indicators abolished in 2011 by the government. Brentwood Borough Council stopped using this methodology for street inspections from 2012-13. Therefore we do not have any recorded data for 2014/15, we only have the historic data for the NI 195 for 2009/10 which was Litter 12% Detritus 8%