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FOI 13306

Performing Animals Act licences


Dear Brentwood Council,While browsing the FOI site, I happened to find this request by the PIF. Can I just clarify the response to the question 'How many businesses require registration under the Performing Animals Act?:' To which you have answered
zero. This concerns me, as my business needs to be licensed under this Act, and in fact we have a licence from Brentwood Council under this act.Please can you let me know if my license is still active (it does not have an expiry date), Anyone training
dogs for performances (this includes all dog demonstration teams at shows, but specifically my dogs 'act' on television and online videos) legally needs one of these licenses, and if I do not have one then my insurance will be void!

I am also concerned as there is a large dog training centre that puts on dog displays all around the country and therefore should have one of these licences. So your answer of zero is extremely worrying.Please check on the status of my licence, and please
let me know how many other licences have been issued in Brentwood, to either businesses or private individuals.

FOI 13042

Pet Industry FederationRequestThe Pet Industry Federation (PIF) is the trade association for pet businesses. We have almost 2,000 individual pet businesses in membership, ranging from pet retailers, kennels, catteries and home boarders, to suppliers, dog
groomers and manufacturers. We offer a range of business benefits to our members, support them when problems arise within their business and represent the industry with government departments and other external stakeholders. We are part of the Primary Authority
scheme with the Corporation of London on pet vending licensing, and have been involved in putting together model licence conditions for animal establishments, including the recently published conditions by the CIEH on boarding kennels.

Following the DEFRA review into animal establishment licensing, PIF would like to ascertain
how many licensed pet businesses exist within each local authorityand request this information under the Freedom of Information Act.

I have therefore attached a short list of questions which we would be grateful if you could complete.

Local authority:

Brentwood Borough Council

Postcode of local authority:

CM15 8AY

In total, how many pet shops do you license?:


How many pet shops are in private dwellings?


How many boarding establishments do you license?:
Kennels and/or catteries:


Home boarders:


Doggy day care:


How many riding establishments do you license?:


How many businesses require registration under the Performing Animals Act?:


How many dog breeding establishments do you license?:



In response to your FOI regarding the Performing Animals Act, these are not registered or issued here at Brentwood Borough Council but at Essex County Council, Duke Street, Chelmsford