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FOI 13241

Local Play Parks within your Council Catchment


I am writing to all Councils to ask for a comprehensive list of all play parks available to use for the public in each Councils area.

The reason for my request is simple. I want to provide an app using a database for all parents and their children giving the ability to enter their current location and then be provided a list of public parks local to them.

The reason for this is that my children love to go to the park and my wife and I always take them to the big local recreational ground parks (as these are the ones that are easy to find online), however I recently stumbled upon the fact that there is a local play park not 500 yards from our front door in another street that we never knew about and we have lived in our current area for 2 years!

We have now started to visit this park regularly but noticed that when ever we go there is never any children playing in the parks. When I was younger these parks where always being used and children where able to have fun andmake new friends as well as the parents.

I want to provide the location, but also what amenities are at those local parks and what age range the parks are targeted too.

I would like to also be able to offer the ability for people to review the local parks for other parents to then be able to see if the park is one that is suitable to their child.

This also means that people from outside the local council area could utilise the play park if they are visiting the area. The app can also be used to alert your Council of any concerns in regards to the state of the play parks.

I would therefore appreciate it if you could provide the following information;

Park location and name (if applicable)

Postcode address
range for park
of equipment available in the park
telephone for parents should there be any concerns
email for parents should there be any concerns

If you could provide it in a .csv or .xls format that would be much appreciated.

I thank you for taking the time to read my email and look forward to your reply.


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request detailed below. Please find attached a spreadsheet that details the information you have requested regarding parks and play areas within the Borough of Brentwood. Please also see the links below to our website that may also assist you:-

Parks and open spaces -
Play Areas -
To report an incident/ damaged equipment etc -