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Plans and Drawings


Under Govt Permitted Dev Rule (GPDR) do you accept plans and drawings which are not mindful of the line of junction between properties and therefore the plans and drawings which as a result are inaccurate are still acceptable by your building regulationsor planning depts.


I can advise you that we request a site location plan with each application that is submitted. The NPPG states the following “A location plan should be based on an up-to-date map. The scale should typically be 1:1250 or 1:2500, but wherever possible the plan should be scaled to fit onto A4 or A3 size paper. A location plan should identify sufficient roads and/or buildings on land adjoining the application site to ensure that the exact location of the application site is clear.
The application site should be edged clearly with a red line on the location plan. It should include all land necessary to carry out the proposed development (e.g. land required for access to the site from a public highway, visibility splays, landscaping, car parking and open areas around buildings). A blue line should be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant, close to or adjoining the application site”
It is the responsibility of the applicant/agent to ensure that the correct Certificate has been signed and dated at the end of the application form. Additional information can be found, regarding submission of plans etc on or NPPG.