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FOI 13140

Land for Public Purpose


Is any land within the BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL area of authority required for public purpose i.e. land that is protected from development in the interests of future needs of the government, council, or statutory undertaker?
If there is, please advise the location of the land and under what mechanism it is protected.


I am responding to your information request dated 09/09/2016. This relates to land that is protected from development in Brentwood Borough. After consideration, please find the below information in response to your questions.

The current Proposals Map and accompanying insert maps for Brentwood Borough (adopted 2005 as part of the Brentwood Replacement Local Plan) are a series of maps which show the locations of different land use policies in the Brentwood Replacement Local Plan (2005). It is made of an Ordnance Survey base map and details things such as:
• housing, mixed use and employment allocations
• nationally designated areas such as AONBs and SSSIs
• scheduled monuments
• conservation areas, historic parks and gardens, protected open space
• Green Belt
The Proposals map for Brentwood Borough is available to view at:

In terms of specific protections for government purposes, whilst land ownership by various public bodies will exist in the authority area the Borough Council is not aware of any specific protection other than that set out on in the Local Plan and proposals maps. Individual purposes for utilities etc is not indicated on our maps and would require separate research from the relevant body.