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FOI 12944

Contact Centre


Please could you provide me with answers to the following questions by completing the attached spreadsheet and return by email.

I understand that under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act you have 20 days to respond, and I look forward to receiving a reply within that timescale.

I also understand that you may charge for requests which are beyond a particular time limit.

If you believe this is the case, please contact me before starting any chargeable request.


Thank you for your FOI request.

Please see completed spread sheet attached.

How many people are employed in your contact centre(s)?          15                
What are your opening hours?               8:30-5pm Mon to Thurs & 8:30 - 4:30pm Fri          
Number of telephone calls per months for the past two years (and monthly average over this period)       Total no. of calls received via auto attendant (including option '0') Average no. Of calls per day   2015-16 Total no. of calls received via auto attendant (including option '0') Average no. Of calls per day
Average handling time?                 3.5 min   2014-15       Apr 9309 405
First point of contact resolution rate?               78%   Jul 6506 283   May 7427 323
Average cost per contact and how this is calculated?           Unknown Aug 6831 342   Jun 3945 197
What is the total annual cost of your contact centres(s), including staff? 384,620   Sept 7567 344   Jul 8161 408
Do you outsource the contact centre(s)?             No   Oct 7780 354   Aug 6941 316
What services do you provide in your contact centre(s) and to which level? (see separate tabs for completion)   Nov 6186 281   Sept 7850 357
How is your contact centre (s) funded?               Council Budget Dec 5503 250   Oct 8137 370
What is the ratio of part-time to full-time employees?           4 part time Jan 7125 324   Nov 7814 355
Which CRM system do you use?               In-house developed Feb 7251 330   Dec 6019 274
How many systems do your call handlers use?             5   Mar 9366 426   Jan 7167 326
How many systems do you have full integration with through your CRM?       None           Feb 7704 350
What type of Council are you (rural, city, district etc.)?           Borough           Mar 9236 420
How many residents do you have?                                
I would also be grateful if you could provide the Top 10 reasons for people contacting your organisation across all channels              
          Our largest volume of calls are in relation to 1. Planning 2. Housing 3. Waste & Recycling